SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it means engineering your website so that it hits keywords associated with your business. These keywords are what your potential clients search, and so hitting the right keywords means your page will rank higher in Google search results and consequently increase your website traffic.

Building a website that gets results takes more than an attractive design. The key is in utilising the minefield that is SEO. This works on local, national, and international levels. Much of my work is with UK-based companies, which means I’ve become well versed in the relevant keywords associated with UK businesses.

SEO Process

Most SEO companies will tie you up into a long-term contract, but that will never happen with me. All SEO packages will be added with website packages for free, here is my process to improve your rankings and traffic through my SEO Services:

  • Find the keywords that have more people searching in your industry, and I will start tracking the position of your website for each of those keywords
  • Connect your website with Google Analytics and measure the results to see who’s visiting your website, what are their actions, and why are they leaving amongst other metrics such as your best pages for bringing traffic, etc.
  • Speed up your website after every update to make sure it stays fast loading, and I will make sure your users keep having the best experience possible while visiting your website
  • Make sure your website stays in line with Google’s Best Practices. Every time Google releases a new algorithm update that brings your website positions down, I will try my very best to find out what is the reason for the drop in rankings and fix whichever issues I find to be the cause.