Looking for the best Cloud Hosting for your business? Here I’ve enlisted the advantages and benefits of Google Cloud Hosting so that you can make the right decision!

Choosing a cloud provider can be a difficult process that has long term impacts on productivity, cost, and features. Do you select based upon your existing environment’s Microsoft investment and go with Azure? Do you use the largest provider AWS (Amazon Web Services)? Or do you chose the newest provider Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

Google Cloud Advantages & Benefits

Competitive pricing

In addition, a Google Cloud advantage is the underdog. Despite being launched in 2008, GCP has been slow to get market traction. This means that GCP is releasing competitive pricing that can beat Azure and AWS on many fronts, including IOPS, and Medium-term instance costs.

Cheaper than AWS or Azure

Getting started on GCP can be cheaper than AWS or Azure. While all three offer a free tier, I have found the GCP free tier is the most generous, allowing you to experiment without incurring the cost.

Machine-learning tools On Google Cloud Advantages

GCP Uses Google. It can’t be stressed enough that Google and all its resources run GCP. The same internet backbone, the same machine learning tools, the same load balancers that Google uses, are available in GCP. This gives you a proven infrastructure that is used every day for billions of users.

Final Words About Google Could

So, there are many advantages of using Google Cloud Hosting services which are eventually a part of the Google Cloud Platform. Above mentioned seven advantages (Better Pricing Plans Availability, Enhanced Execution, Benefits of Live Migration, Private Network, Commitment to Constant Development, Control and Security, and Redundant Backups) makes Google Cloud Hosting a good choice. There are different pricing plans which are cheaper than other Platforms available in the computing world.

Where does that leave you? If cost is a key factor, or want to experiment with a free tier that can’t be taking, then Google Cloud Platform may be the choice for you.

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