The thought of getting a free website is tempting. The internet is full of companies offering free website hosting even for self-hosted WordPress. You’re probably wondering what’s the catch? So, why isn’t everyone else using a free WordPress website? In this article, we will share the top reasons why having free website hosting is a bad idea and something that you should avoid at all costs.

They can shut down your website

The terms and conditions of these services clearly state that they can shut down your website at any time without providing you a reason. So, If they shut down a website, they usually don’t give your data or provide you a way to save your content.

Google Will Not Help

Long gone are the times when Google treated “professional” websites as equal to “free” websites (if there ever was such a time). This is because so many of those free sites are of such low quality, that Google (often) assumes all of them aren’t that great.

The real harm of low search engine rankings. Websites on free web hosts are ripe targets for spammers. You will have to be more vigilant to stave off spammers. You’ll also find it harder to rank your website for certain keywords if you’re using a free provider with your site in one of their subdomains.

Not Completly Free

Many of these free website services often turn out to be limited trials. After a while, you are asked to pay for it. In most cases, this price is usually way higher than normal WordPress hosting services. If you added a credit card during signup, then they can charge you without giving you any warning.

No Server Control

Let’s say you publish a post that starts to become popular on Reddit or Facebook. It’s likely that you’ll quickly exceed the bandwidth limit you get as part of your free hosting. So, your site will go down, and you’ll lose tons of readers.

Bandwidth Limitations

Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred from the server to the user browser. It costs money and most free websites come with very limited bandwidth caps.

Free Domain Can Not Be a Domain

Normally, when you sign up for free hosting you’ll see a “free domain name”. This will usually look something like Hardly professional, right? Remember, your site address is not your own. What you’re in a subdomain. As a result, you never own this domain name. If their service shuts down, your website and your “free domain name” are likely to go with it.

Bad Storage

Free website companies host hundreds of websites sharing the same server and hard disks. So, they usually give you very limited storage to store your data. Finally, when you reach that limit, you need to pay for more storage.

They Can Sell Your Information

In the day and age, a good thing to remember is that if you aren’t paying for it, then you are actually the product. So, these free web host companies use other ways to make money.

Such as selling your personal information, email address and other personal and company information to other companies.

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